Hello and welcome to my blog ‘Casual Milestones’. My name is Daniela Suarez and I am Fashion Editor at Jungle Magazine and a Freelance Stylist. This blog sparked out of a university project, it’s here to document all the casual happenings in my life whether they’re milestones or not. I want it to be something people can look at and enjoy reading as well as a space for me to gather my thoughts and musings regarding topics such as fashion, beauty, travel and food.

For any enquiries please send me an email over at: casualmilestones@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. I get what you mean. “Casual Milestones” – we have a thousand moments in life and then a thousand more…sometimes the little ones make as much impact as the big ones. Or maybe it’s the ripple effect. Have you ever heard people refer to life as “happenstance?” It’s just little coincidences that make up the big picture…
    Love your blog xx

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