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Whilst I was away on holiday I wanted to document what I wore, however, squeezing in seeing all the sights and being super tired in the evenings kind of took over and I didn’t really get the chance to do so. Alas, I did take this picture whilst exploring Budapest, wearing a very simple outfit but one that I think portrays summer very well. As you all know I’m rarely in denim shorts but I bought these ones from Topshop and they were super handy during my trip. They are mid-rise so not extremely high-waisted but you can still get away with wearing a crop top without showing off too much stomach. I think the denim sandals I snagged at the zara sale added a nice touch to the outfit. Double denim in a total different way.

IMG_6302What I’m Wearing:
Top – zara
Shorts – Topshop
Shoes – zara

I’m going to do two little picture posts in the next few days including highlights from my trip to Machu Picchu and my trip to Central Europe, so de keep an eye out!

Lots of love,
Daniela xo


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