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Today I bring you a beauty review; I have been suffering from dry skin for the past six months, especially on the forehead area and my chin. My skin has been really flaky – attractive I know. You never quite realise how much it makes a difference when applying your make-up. It doesn’t blend right and it just doesn’t look great. Since then I have been trying countless moisturisers to see if I can rescue my skin.

This past month I’ve been trying out ‘The Pharma Nord Q10 Revitalizing Duo‘ which is a set of two creams including a day and night moisturiser. I had been using a moisturiser from the Body Shop previously but it was making my skin drier so a change was needed. Thankfully I reached into my my box of products I need to try out and I introduced the duo to my skin care routine.


Q10 Day and Night Cream Set from Pharma Nord provides a complete 24 hour moisturising treatment. Q10 Skincare set includes the Q10 Revitalizing Day Cream and the Q10 Revitalizing Night Cream.

The consistency of both products is really creamy and rich in moisture they come in two pots which is one of the things I don’t like about it. I prefer creams where you don’t have to dip your fingers in them. My favourite out of the two is the night cream. However both creams are Paraben free which is always a bonus! Whenever I apply it, I can literally feel my skin cells regaining moisture. It sinks into the skin beautifully leaving your face feeling fresh and new. It’s quite a bit sticky/oily so I wouldn’t recommend if you have really oily skin. In the morning I wake up with my skin feeling quite moisturised and not as dry as before. The day cream which I apply to my face before my foundation is great too. However I don’t like it as much as I like the night. This is because it’s not as moisturising on my dry areas as it could be and when it comes to the application of my foundation the skin above my brows still remains dry. I think the problem I find with it is that it’s absorbed by the skin way to quickly and the moisture doesn’t remain. I think I would recommend this cream if your skin is more combination/normal or even oily.

IMG_5905IMG_5901I hope this was some sort of help if you’re looking to find something to add some moisture back into your skin. For best results I think the duo would be great if your skin is normal or combination or if you have really sensitive skin I think this would be great too. Sadly only one half of the product works for my extremely dry areas but hey at least this is a positive!

Lots of love
Daniela! xo


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