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The Cultural and Creative Industries Students from City University held a two day event called Digitalogue in Shoreditch’s Richmix last month. For an event created by students it appeared to be very official and professional, which must have made their course leader very proud. The term ‘Digitalogue’ comes from the merging of the words digital and analogue and the students decided to bring the two together during their two day event.

Day one of the event included a variety of things like an incredible fashion show by designer Taslima – which was beautifully timed with London Fashion Week, an amazing Latin dance by one of the students, a contemporary lights show and a series of music acts, including a DJ set. Every act had the merging of digital and analogue theme incorporated which highlighted the thought process and detail the students had paid to putting the event together.

Here are some pictures I took at the event!

*warning picture heavy post*

IMG_5465 IMG_5469 IMG_5478 IMG_5488 IMG_5489 IMG_5504 IMG_5507 IMG_5509 IMG_5510 IMG_5513 IMG_5517 IMG_5521 IMG_5523 IMG_5530Till next time!
Lots of Love Daniela xo


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