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October Wishlist

I feel like it was January yesterday but now it is officially October and I’m left wondering where this year has gone. This 2014 has been a stressful year but actually one of the best ones too. I mean I graduated and I went to Europe – well actually aside from that it’s been rather uninteresting and at times horrendous. I am now in that awkward phase after uni in where I want to find a job in my field but can’t. The constant interviews here and there have been at times insightful and at times daunting. But hey I’ll get there eventually. One of the worst factors right now is that I want soooo many things but I can’t buy them. I’m being super strict with my spending – although it all seems to go on food.

But moving on let’s bring you a wishlist because, although I am on a spending ban, there’s no harm in wishing eh!

October Wishlist

1.  Them Stella Mccartney wedges – If you like me follow a gazillion bloggers on instagram then you would have seen that they all own the Stella Mccartney wedge, whether it is in pink, black or grey they’re all wearing them. The shoe screams out comfort and height which are the best possible combinations. Aside from being £300 they’re also sold out but hey here’s to hoping that once they’re restocked I have the money!

2. Topshop tartan coat – I can’t make an autumn/winter wishlist without a coat. I saw this beauty of a coat on the mannequin whilst out in Richmond a couple on weeks ago and I fell in love. The fit was perfect and the colours just the right tone. at £95 – I might have to make this my staple winter coat.

3. Zara ankle booties – I constantly troll the website not once but maybe three times a day. When the new collection was first brought out I saw one of the models wearing these boots but they weren’t listed on the website yet. Let me tell you I spent day and night waiting for them to appear. I’ve found it rather difficult to find them instore and I’m stopping myself from buying them online due to the past two online boot buying experiences leaving me with blisters everywhere.

4. & 5. These two asos dresses couldn’t be more different. One being a midi dress (probably maxi on me) and one being covered in unicorns. They’ve been on my mind ever since I saw them on the ASOS website. The problem is whether I would get enough wear of the two.

6. That SHRIMPS furry clutch that Alexa Chung wore to fashion week had me in tears. It is so darn perfect and pretty. It makes any plain boring outfit you have stand out and make everyone go ‘wow you made an effort’ when in reality you’ve literally just picked up a clutch.

& with that we come to an end of the wishlist – till next time!

Love  Daniela xo


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