A trip back to the 50s with Modcloth

I rewatched the notebook the other day for the 100th time – yes I cry every time. One thing I love about the film it’s the fashion. I would have loved to live back in the 40s and 50s. The silhouettes the dresses formed were just incredible. I think my midi skirt obsession is due to that movie. This inspired me to put together a quick Wanelo storyboard (very similar to Polyvore!) with items from a label called ModCloth. Much of ModCloth’s items remind me of the Notebook so they were the perfect choice.

wanelo storyboard

My storyboard is centred around the dress called ‘Garden Home Tour Dress’  what I love about this dress is how 1950’s it looks with going in at the waist and resting just above the knee. I also really love the vibrant summery feel of the print – it’s definitely perfect for this season. I also picked out a necklace, a pair heels a handbag to compliment the dress. I wanted the heels to be thin and not too out there as I didn’t want the focus to be lost from the dress. I chose the mint colour of the necklace and handbag because I thought they were nice additions that went great with the dress.

Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

If you like the dress be sure to check out ModCloth as they have so many cute dresses – you can even shop by decade!


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