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Spring/Summer Shoe Haul!


So yesterday I handed in my dissertation and I currently don’t know how to feel or act. I feel like I should still be writing it it! I genuinely never thought I’d finish it or reach the 10-12k word count but at the end I had cut out like 1000 words, which wasn’t easy. Anyways now that my dissertation is done and dusted I shall be back to doing 2/3 posts a week which I’m really excited about.

spring summer shoes


This gets to the subject of today’s blogpost whilst procrastinating I may have made a few online orders that consisted of mainly shoes. Four pairs of shoes to be precise (I know, I know I shouldn’t buy any more shoes LIKE EVER). I’m going away mid June so I thought these would be perfect to take away with me! Also I know I haven’t uploaded part 3 of my MAC lipstick collection so that will be up by the end of week I promise!! Hope you enjoy the shoe post all items should still be in stock so I’ve linked them!

IMG_3960 IMG_3959 IMG_3961

Zara Pink Pool Sliders £29.99

I’ve officially joined the pool slider trend I may have not gone birkenstock yet but I’m not far. I want to see how much I wear these before I invest into a pair. I particularly like the colour of these and they’re super comfy too. Also from Zara they’re quite a good price!

IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3970

ASOS Fiza Flat Sandals £25

Black sandals are an essential in anyone’s summer wardrobe so I thought I’d finally get a pair. I saw this on the ASOS website I had to get them. I’m really loving cleated soles on shoes, they’re really practical and for some reason they make shoes so much comfier! 

IMG_3972 IMG_3975 IMG_3977

White heeled sandals River Island £55

I got these when River Island were doing 20% off for students, I had been eyeing them up for a while but I had stopped myself from buying them on numerous occasions so I was so happy my size was still in stock when I ordered them. They’re super easy to walk in and I can already tell these are gonna be my go to shoes this spring/summer, simply because they give that extra bit of height that I so desperately need without causing me blisters!

IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3985

& Other Stories Suede Loafers £65

These babies were on my birthday wishlist and I’ve actually been after them for almost sixth months now. I finally caved when & Other Stories were doing 20% off all shoes because I knew this was going to be the only chance I had to get them. I just think they’re really different in terms of colour and style and I love a good statement shoe.


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