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Sometimes a cocktail or 3 is what you need

As you know I am lover of a cocktail or three. I always like trying out bars I’ve never been to, and last Thursday was no different. I met up with my friend Justyna from uni and had some drinks at Adventure Bar in Covent Garden. We dropped by as you don’t need to make a booking (but you can if there’s a few of you) and they have a selection of cocktails for £6 until 8pm. Us being students thought that was just great. Adventure Bar is in the basement of a building in Bedford Street. Its not the biggest bar but it’s definitely one of the roomiest I’ve been to. The bar’s décor is fun but not over the top, so it felt just right. It had a comfortable feel and that’s what I love in a bar. The selection of drinks was super fun and I can see why it’s named ‘Adventure Bar’ with one of the drinks even including a live cricket. Sadly I wasn’t feeling that adventurous so I stuck with something that didn’t contain an insect. (hate insects, this is not I’m a celebrity get me out of here). The drinks I did have were really cool and one was even served in a jam jar and there’s nothing more that I love than cocktails served in jam jars, it’s just so darn cute! Anyways if you’re looking for a bar with a twist then I really do recommend coming here, specially if you’re in the West End and you don’t want to end up in an annoying and super cliché bar.  I added some pictures of the cocktails I had so you can have a look for yourself and there’s two of me so enjoy! (hahaha not really, the editing is so bad in one of them I’m sorry!) Although I didn’t get drunk (the misfortune of not being a lightweight) I had a really good time at Adventure Bar with my friend and we finalised some super exciting plans for my blog! YAY

photo 4 (8)

this drink had a flame, a flame!!!

photo 5 (3)

A young Tom Cruise on the menu who can say no?!

photo 1 (18) photo 2 (14) photo 3 (11)


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