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That Massive LFW Post

While Paris Fashion Week may be under way I wanted to finally bring you that massive post I promised right at the beginning of London Fashion Week. It’s going to be a long one so please bare with me as I will tell you all about the whole experience and how you may get the chance to go next season. First of all here are the 5 outfits if you hadn’t seen them all ready!

IMG_3096 IMG_3164 IMG_3303 IMG_3474 IMG_3596

I got the chance to go to LFW thanks to the lovely Hope Von Joel a fashion stylist (100% google her). I saw a tweet which was retweeted by @UKFashionIntern (if you don’t follow them on twitter you really should, they’re super helpful with bringing forwards tons of opportunities) in which she was looking for assistants to help her out during fashion week and I applied as soon as I saw the tweet. I got lucky and I got called in for an interview and met up the rest of the team that was also selected. In total there was about 10 of us that had made the cut and I was really excited. Part of the job description was to be street styling and I also took the responsibility to write up some show reviews on Hope’s blog. As I love to write and I love fashion this was the perfect opportunity to better my skills and I was beyond happy to be given the chance to do so. Hope was also lovely enough to share out her fashion week invites across all five days and give us a taste of what fashion week was really like. The 5 days of fashion week consisted of being at the Somerset House (or other venue in which shows were showcasing) by 9.30am ready to street style any one who we saw looked good. We didn’t have to photograph whole outfits if we didn’t want to, we could focus on details like shoes or accessories. The people we photographed didn’t have to be still they could be moving shots or whatever we wanted. We had this freedom to find what we thought looked good in a picture. On the first day my photos weren’t that great but by the 5th day I had began to get the hang of it and worked out what angles worked and which didn’t. I mainly focused on shoes (if you all know me you know that I love shoes) but I experimented with different types of photographs too.

The shows I went to see were in order of the days were Felder Felder, Eudon Choi, Edeline Lee, Markus Lupfer, Pringle, Nicole Farhi, Temperley, Ryan Low, Whistles, Zoe Jordan, Osman and Meadham Kirchhoff. And omg each and every single one of them were amazing, whether they were presentations or actual shows you can’t beat the atmosphere of being there and seeing the quality and amazingness of the garments in person. It is just beyond your expectations. If I had to pick my favourite shows/presentations they would be Temperley and Meadham Kirchhoff. Attending a fashion week show is the reminder as to why I want to be part of this industry so much. Each venue greeted you with proseco, champaigne, cocktails, sushi, canapes, coffee, tea, mini pastries, those popchip and popcorn bags oh and them coconut waters (something that I wont miss). It was so surreal and unforgettable. Seeing all the fashion people come together in one room and network and greet each other was just fascinating. It was like friends coming together after a long time all with one common interest and love; fashion and I loved it.

IMG_3272 IMG_3346 IMG_3061 IMG_3107 IMG_3151

Something incredible about fashion week is the street style, there’s nothing more I love than seeing people dressed amazingly. Like I would constantly be like to myself *omg she looks so good* and *omg I need what she’s wearing*. It’s so inspiring.  Also people have no problem with being photographed and that’s so great. I’ve done street styling before and I found it intimidating to be asking people if I could take their picture but at Fashion Week people have no problem when you ask. If you want to see all my street style photos links to Part 1 and Part 2 are here.

IMG_3364 IMG_3571 IMG_3027 IMG_3424

By the time Tuesday came round I was completely exhausted from waking up at 7am and going to bed at midnight for five days straight was not something I want to remember however there’s nothing I would have changed from this whole experience. The team of girls I worked with were all great and my fashion week partner Hannah was the best. I don’t think I would have enjoyed myself as much if it wasn’t for her. Fashion week partners in crime we were.

Last but not least a lil tip for everyone. If you want to attend LFW an invite is not going to come searching for you. Look for work experience; whether it’s with a pr company, a hair company (toni and guy/ label m) or a make-up company ( body shop/ mac) they always need people to help them out backstage/etc and it’s always a great experience. If you want to do some writing there’s always online magazines/bloggers/etc needing people to go to shows for them and write about them as let me tell you it is virtually impossible to attend every show. The days may be long and you might be completely exhausted by the end of it but being in the atmosphere of fashion week comes out on top. Also it’s a great thing to put on your CV and there’s no harm in applying is there?! So get out there and look for opportunities on twitter/facebook and as I mentioned before @UKFashionIntern is a great twitter page to help you find some.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me, just drop me a comment or an email or a tweet and I’ll be happy to answer you! I had the best time working at London Fashion Week reassuring me even more that my chosen career path is the right one. I want to say a special thanks to Hope Von Joel for having me part of her team.

Daniela <3


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