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Birthday Wishlist

Turning 21 is supposed to be a significant birthday.  I hated turning 20 because I was no longer a teenager anymore (I even thought I hit my midlife crisis) but 21 is exciting isn’t it? It’s like embarking into adulthood for real. I turn 21 in less than 3 weeks and I’m really excited to spend it with my family and friends. Birthdays often mean a wishlist and although I know I probably won’t receive most of the things in my birthday list there’s no harm on wishing. I’ve never been one to receive designer items from my family as I know that they find it ridiculous to pay an extortionate amount of money for item of clothing or handbag and they aren’t rich. I see no problem with that, and I completely understand. I think the moment I am able to buy myself something high-end with my first ever paycheck (or about 2/3 months’ pay lets be real) I will appreciate it so much and it would mean that extra bit more for me. I love fashion and not owning a designer handbag or garment doesn’t mean I love it any less. At the end of the day style is something you can’t buy (although it helps to be able to buy something you like). Anyways enough with the inner monologue here’s my birthday wishlist: These items all range from high-street, to high-end. They’ve made the list because I’ve either wanted them for so long (and can only dream of owning) or because they’ve recently caught my eye instore and for some reason I didn’t buy (my student budget deprives me).

Birthday wishlist

Items Included:
Celine Bag – Celine ( I dream about owning one everyday)
Leather jacket – Acne Studios (Perfectly cut and essential to any wardrobe)
Ankle Boots – Acne Studios (You can never have enough black ankle boots)
A trip to New York City – The holiday I long for
Loafers – & other stories (These caught my eye instore and I try them every time I go in)
Purple and coral leather jacket – & other stories (a statement jacket worth owning)
Nike Roshe Run – & other stories (I’m really into trainers atm)
Pink Coat – Asos (I still don’t own a pink coat and this saddens me)
Linen Coat – Zara (It’s such a beautiful fit, perfect for spring)
Heeled sandals – Zara (the metal detail in the ankle is so empowering)


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