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Rentez-Vous does Valentine’s Day


This month’s Rentez-Vous event was completely fantastic. It was held in Loves Company a new bar in the Hoxton/Shoreditch area which opened back in November last year. It was my third time attending an event held by Rentez-Vous and my second time renting some of my own clothes. There’s no greater satisfaction in the idea of sharing fashion and that’s what Rentez-Vous is all about. If you want to all about check out my previous blog post on it.

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If there’s something I love about attending the Rentez-Vous events is getting to be among all these designers, bloggers, make-up artists and hair stylists. It makes you feel part of a community and there’s nothing better than that. As someone who loves fashion I love seeing the clothes the designers bring to be rented. The designer that caught my eye and my attention the most this time round was Ashley Lloyd – whose collection was very high-fashion and artistic. Tres avant-garde. He had showcased some of his designs at London Fashion Week last September and was going to showcase again this February. His current collection was very space inspired and it look so so cool. Ashley was really lovely and I can’t wait to see his collection and designs to carry on growing. It was also very exciting to have someone from the Gazia magazine team attend the event and event rent some of her items it added that extra bit for glamour to the event!

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What’s nice about attending a Rentez-Vous event is the fact that you can get your hair done,nails done and your make-up done making your evening a true fashion extravaganza. I had my hair and nails done and I just felt so darn great! So next time Rentez-Vous hold an event don’t hold back and come along and rent away you’ll be in for a treat of evening and enjoy a cocktail or two! I can’t personally wait for the next event!

Make you sure you like Rentez-Vous on Facebook and follow them on twitter to get updates on their next event!


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