A little note from: Week 5

photo 1 (11) photo 2 (7) photo 3 (6) photo 4 (3)


The week that just ended meant the beginning of February started (to celebrate here’s a selfie!). This week just gone also meant the beginning of an unhealthy obsession with a game called ‘flappy bird’. If you don’t know what it is/haven’t downloaded it, let me tell you one thing: DON’T. This game is the most annoying thing ever but you can’t help but keep trying to improve your score (mine is obviously very rubbish as seen in the picture above but it is improving I’m on 16 now!!!).

This past week I also got told that I’m officially graduating on the 3rd July (unless I fail) which is terribly scary to think about, I’m feeling the pressure. To de-stress myself ferrerro roche (the chocolate) was the cure alongside some light reading of the Elle Collections magazine which left me feeling inspired and desperate to attend fashion week again!

The upcoming week has so many exciting things happening, including a Taylor Swift concert and the Rentez-Vous Valentine Day’s event (which you should all pop along too, I’ll be there!)



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