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I introduce you to Rentez-Vous


Rentez-Vous is all about the renting of clothing. You also get the chance to have some of your own items of clothing to be rented. It’s a really exciting concept which involves a lot of interaction, fashion interaction. I was lucky enough to be invited by the company that helped organise the London Rentez-Vous event, Billetto.

photo 4 (2)

The Rentez-Vous event was held in Drink, Shop, Do in Kings Cross, a really interesting venue I hadn’t got the chance to visit before. It was held in the bar area of the venue and it had a really cool underground feel to it.  The items were laid out across the bar in rails in different sections. Next to each rail was the designer of the items, each designer happy to talk and answer questions on their designs. One of the designer’s I met explained to me how her items being showcased at Rentez-Vous were the items she made for her final project at university.

photo 3 (3)

Other rails held items that had been put up for renting, including a Levis jacket I had my eye on. When renting an item of Rentez-Vous you get it for three weeks after that period you then return it for the chance of item to rented again. It has this vintage feel like back in the days when you could rent out video tapes and DVDs from places like blockbusters, something I actually enjoyed doing and actually really miss. The Rentez-Vous event also had various make-up artists and hair stylists well up for doing your hair and make-up which was a really nice treat for shoppers, one I had the courtesy of enjoying.

photo 2 (5)

I really enjoyed the whole Rentez-Vous event and everyone was extremely informative and lovely. I’m really glad I got the chance to know the company and be aware of their work and I can’t wait to attend their next event. Be sure to check out the Rentez-Vous website to become involved and see when the next event will be! The designs you get to see are incredible one-off pieces that are truly worth showing off. So rentez-vous!

photo 1 (9)

And if you were wondering what I wore to the event do not fret I did remember to take a picture of what I wore!

photo 5

Fur Jacket- H&M
Oversized shirt-Topshop


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