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Street style: The monochrome madness version

London Fashion Week brought us along many trends that we have all incorporated into our wardrobes already. The monochrome trend has been one of the biggest hits. The use of blacks, whites and greys are everywhere in shop windows. I took to the streets of London to find some of my favourite looks following the trend. I also asked the four girls what they would recommend the readers to purchase next!

I met 18 year old economics student Tallulah waiting for her friend by the shops in High Street Kensington.  It was clear from speaking to her that topshop was the shop she mostly bought everything in. This was reflected with what she was wearing. Her leather jacket, shirt and jumper all by topshop. The jumper over shirt combination is one that has become extremely popular and I’m sure every girl is trying it out if she hasn’t already. Tallulah was also wearing jeans from zara and a pair of studded boots from office adorned her feet.

Tallulah said that the monochrome trend went really well with her ‘punky girly’ style. She’s always up for trying out new trends and is always looking around at what the ‘big names’ are wearing. Her fashion item that she recommends everyone owning is a black pleated skirt from American Apparel. “It goes with everything from crop tops to shirts and tucked in jumpers”



I then took a trip to the V&A where I met Hayley, 21, a sales assistant. The reason I decided to photograph her was because her monochrome coat from Zara is such a statement item. Winter is usually a season where clothes are ruined by coats that do not compliment our desired look. However in this case the coat is what makes the outfit.  Aside from the zara coat, Hayley  wears wet look  leggings from urban outfitters and gold creepers from the same place. Her black and magenta t-shirt is from a charity shop.

“I am very casual and laidback I tend to go for the quirky casual sort of look” was the way she described her style and you could tell from how she was dressed that it was exactly that. Her gold creepers and fur hat add a whole new aspect to her outfit making her stand out from the crowd. Hayley’s fashion recommendation was “bold shoes, they make any outfit pop out!”



I took the number 10 bus from Kensington to the one place where I knew I would have someone to photograph; Oxford Street’s Topshop. I met Kim, age 22 on her lunch break from department store Selfridges, she was using her one hour break to shop and she was just about to pop into Topshop when I stopped her. “I don’t usually dress like this I am very grungy but I really like the monochrome trend so I’m giving it my best go”. Kim was wearing a leather jacket and white shirt from zara and geometric print trousers from topshop. Her scarf was a vintage find and her mid heels from office. Her white shirt and tailored trousers are a popular combination not just in the monochrome trend but they’re trend of their own. Topshop have wide range of tailored print trousers that can smarten up any look possible. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Kim style inspirations are Kate Moss and Alexa Chung two very popular figures in British Fashion. Her fashion recommendation was “owning a fur coat, you can never go wrong!”

Lastly my favourite look out of the whole day was Holly’s, a 22 year old  marketing student. We met while she was having fag and waiting for her sister so they could go shopping together. Her choice of fashion icons were Audrey Hepburn because of her smart tailored look and wait for it Marilyn Manson not everyone’s usual choice but her reason for choosing the bizarre musician was because he always wears black.

“I am really enjoying the monochrome trend actually, blacks, whites and greys are the colours I wear all the time so I am feeling very trendy at the moment” Holly was wearing a coat from a charity shop and vintage boots, the two places she shops the most in. The dress she was wearing was more DIY than maxi dress. She had combined a simple grey t-shirt dress from topshop with a lacy underskirt from American Apparel and put the whole thing together with a belt from urban outfitters. Holly’s fashion recommendation to the readers was “anything leather” and with that I said goodbye to her.

My long day ended with a tall mocha from starbucks while I looked back on the outfits I had photographed. It was refreshing to see different ways monochrome can be worn and not just the stereotypical black and white squared print top, which I thankfully didn’t come across by. I hope the four different looks help anyone out there with ideas on how to use the trend without overdoing it and fearing the colours.


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